Bug#752209: About calligra icc profiles packaging.

dEbian Bugs RC


Thanks for the report. I've checked the fogra27l.icm file details. It indeed
matches the one provided by the (nonfree) icc-profiles. Anyway, according to

iccdump plugins/colorengines/lcms2/colorprofiles/data/fogra27l.icm

tag 1:
sig 'cprt'
type 'text'
offset 396
size 22
No. chars = 14
0x0000: Public Domain

So I think we can consider this file as Public Domain. As you say, it is not
licensed under the same terms as the rest of the package but I don't think
this make the whole package fails to comply with the Debian policy.

Anyway, copyright file may be adjusted and maybe we should add and support
dependency on icc-profiles* packages.

As an extra, I'm adding some information iccdump provided and which we
should verify with upstream:

krita/data/profiles/WideGamut.icm (No copyright)
krita/data/profiles/sRGB.icm (No copyright)
krita/data/profiles/scRGB.icm (© Cyrille Berger)
krita25_lcms-builtin-sRGB_g100-truegamma.icc (v4 not supported by iccdump)
plugins/colorengines/lcms2/colorprofiles/data/fogra27l.icm (public domain)
plugins/colorengines/lcms2/colorprofiles/data/CMY.icm (copyright Sun
Microsystems, 1996)

Do you have proof of it? Copyright file say it is copyrighted.
Moreover you must agree before download it.

If you do this your package will go to non free.

Could you check the license^

This one seems non free