Bug#748728: Bug#772679: unblock: libuser/1:0.60~dfsg-1.1

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Hi Ivo,

I am sorry, but I read that message as only the particular change
suggested in 748728#12 being rejected. Yes, Julien said that one of the
two packages needs to rename the binary 'lid'. But I find this (renaming
the binary, manpages et al, having to deal with users that find the
binary 'lid' apparently disappearing just because of an update) a rather
intrusive change during a freeze. And I don't believe this is was meant
as the only solution but rather a suggestion.

Julien, could you please elaborate why we can't have the 'lid' command
be shipped both by libuser and id-utils (as you stated in 748728#34)
*even if* a Conflicts: dependency prevents installation of both packages
at the same time?

Here is a proposal, rename "lid" in id-utils to "qid". Here is the logic:

- the libuser commands are all preceded by L, so changing that to
anything else would be inconsistent
- the id-utils lid command is a Query operation, so Q probably makes
more sense than L (see manpage)

Note that id-utils does have one reverse-dependency (seascope), and
that does use the lid command, so there will be some small fallout.

Best wishes,