Bug#380497: problems with network on smp kernel when having more than 1 network

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Package: linux-image-2.6.17-1-em64t-p4-smp
Version: 2.6.17-4
Architecture: x86_64
Severity: serious

I have 2 network cards. In 50% boot is successfull. In this case it initializes network cards same way if i use kernel with no smp: in my example RTL8169 is eth0, Tigon3 is eth1. But in other 50% boot hangs about 3 times for about 15 seconds, and each time prints error message: "rename_net_if: error changing interface name eth1_temp to eth0: timeout". I find out that in this case Tigon3 initializes first and takes eth0. Finally after boot finishes i have eth0 is what should be eth1, but eth1 doesn't exist at all. I never get this when using no-smp kernel.

kern.log when boot successfull:


not successfull:

I tested on kernel 2.6.16-17 smp and no-smp kernels - same story.

I marked severity as serious cos our web-servers auto-reboot and will become not usable at all.

CPU: Pentium D 940

Sergey Nivarov
udev in testing/unstable has persistent device naming per default.

best regards